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Hosho Group

Management Philosophy

  1. We do our best for the development of global motorization.
    We employ talented people with rich humanity from all over the world and contribute to the realization of comfortable mobility in cooperation
    with the customer.

  2. We establish a firm corporate foundation that can continue and grow under any circumstances.

  3. We strive to promote the well-being and welfare of our employees.

  4. We respect the human rights of our customers and employees, and we aim for the highly diversified corporate activity regardless of gender,
    nationality or age.


Our company was founded in 2013 as a staffing agency to dispatch the development and design engineers to many Japanese automobile companies and automotive parts manufacturers.

Since then,we've been receiving high customer evaluation and have grown steadily.

Curretly,automobile trend enters a major technological revolution, significantly changing ways of mobility around the world.

Meanwhile we are diligent in advanced car development from the viewpoint of automobile companies and users.

In addition, we would like to be a company that meets swiftly the diverse needs of automobiles from all over the world  and develops to create
high-quality products. And we are pleased to do so.

We train the talented and vigorous young Asian engineers under the advanced automotive technology development environment  in Japan, the US
and Europe and engage in development activities as an excellent creative engineer group earnestly.

We will push forward with the trusted automotive parts development. We appreciate your continuous support and guidance. 

Group profile

Company names in Group
SunArboRêve  Co.,Ltd.
HoshoTechno Co.,Ltd.
Hosho Group the yearly turnover (2017)
270 million yen
Number of employees
36 persons    ( the average age; 38)
Kanagawa, Aichi, Hiroshima, Gunma, Tochigi, 
Fukuoka, Oita ,Shizuoka, Okayama, Vietnam, Thailand

Our own bank
Hiratsuka Credit Association  Atsugi Branch
MUFJ Bank         Atsugi Branch


Head Office Address

SUN Building 25 #802    3-13-8  Nakacho,Atsugi,Kanagawa, 243-0018 Japan


Hosho Techno CO.,LTD

Hosho Techno CO.,LTD

Company profile

Company nameHoshoTechno Co.,Ltd.
Headquarters addressSUN Building 25 #802    3-13-8  Nakacho,Atsugi、Kanagawa、243-0018 Japan
Headquarters telephone number046-259-6897
Headquarters facsimile number046-259-6893
HoshoTechno Nagoya Branch
Morimoto Building 4C  2-218 Kamiyashiro Meito-ku Nagoya city Aichi 465-0025 Japan
Nagoya Branch telephone number
Nagoya Branch facsimile number
Aichi Desigh Room
in Howa Textile Industry Co.,Ltd  2-10-4 Ajiyoshihakusan-cho Kasugai Aichi 486-0969 Japan
Company establishment
May 27.2017
Sakue Komatsu

0.1 Mil. Yen
2018 FY turnover
150 Mil.yen(forecast)
2017 FY turnover
Number of employees
Business Contents
Contract business of automobile parts development
Howa Textile Industry Co.Ltd. TEL;0568-34-8197
Foot hold
Kanagawa, Aichi,Japan.  Vietnam.    Thailand

Work Situation

SunArboRêve Co.,Ltd.

SunArboReve Co.,Ltd.

Company profile

Company nameSunArboRêve Co.,Ltd.
Company addressSUN Building 25 #802    3-13-8  Nakacho,Atsugi,Kanagawa, 243-0018 Japan
Company telephone number046-259-6892
Company facsimile number046-259-6893
Company establishmentOct.15, 2013
PresidentTatsuro Itoh
Capital16 Mil. Yen
2017 FY turnover170 Mil.yen
Number of employees11
Business ContentsDispatch business of automobile parts designer
*Certificate of designated temporary work assignment
Oct.31,2013  (14-305340)
Foot holdKanagawa,Aichi,Hiroshima,Gunma,Tochigi,Oita,Fukuoka,Shizuoka,and Okayama

List of business customers

  • NHK SPRING Co.,Ltd.
  • Howa Textile Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • Kasai Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Wiring Systems,Ltd.
  • Kojima Industries Corporation
  • Tamadic Co.,Ltd
  • Takada Kogyo Co.,Ltd
  • HIVEC Inc.
  • NPW Yokohama Co.,Ltd
  • HP Pelzer Japan
  • Fauresia Japan
  • IAC Japan
  • Plamac Co.,ltd
  • Technohama Co.Ltd/
  • Sivax Co.,Ltd